I am so very glad you have found us.  I am happy you are here and am looking forward to spending time talking flowers and events and just general loveliness with you.  

My name is (bear with me) Kristin Bunny Hartridge Dailey.  Kristin is good.  Bunny is better.  Not really better, but in terms of getting my attention.

Things you might be interested to know about me:

I have a Masters of Art in Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse.  I can be found - at times - teaching English, Rhetoric, or International English at various colleges around the midwest.  I have lived in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Boulder, San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago, and Kalamazoo.   I did all of our wedding flowers (I so do not recommend this).  I think my husband is pretty neat. We have a three year old goldendoodle named Tim Gunn, and a two year old little human girl named Theodora. We live in my grandparents' old house, across the street from my where I grew up.  There is a woodsy trail connecting my yard to my Mother's.  I have been chased by a bear.  And bitten by a brown recluse spider.  I am a bit clumsy.  I love ice cream, especially strawberry and coffee.  Berries and whipped cream are also pretty great.  I have been playing with flowers since I was a little girl.  I enjoy working with different papers.  I would like to live in England.  I love vintage, sparkle, and texture.