Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  This is such an exciting time for you.  My goal is to make everything to do with flowers as straight forward and delightful as possible - because it should be!  Before we meet and start getting into the nitty gritty it is helpful if I have some basic information.  Please complete the attached Getting-to-Know-You with as much detail as possible.  

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Name of Your Lucky Partner
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Date of the Wedding
If yes, I would love to have the link so that I can get a better feel for you two.
Please note if this will be inside or outside.
Please note if this reception space will be inside or outside.
Which of the following best describes your personal style (specifically regarding this wedding)?
Please select as many of you would like. It is ok if some seem to contradict.
What type of Bridal Bouquet are you interested in?
Unless we discuss other ideas, all bouquets will be hand tied.
Common wearers include Groom, Groomsmen, Ushers, Fathers, Grandfathers, Ring Bearers, and any other Special Men (uncle, reader...)
Flower Girls have so many different options - flower petals, small tussy mussy bouquets, ribbon wands, flower crowns...the list is endless.
These are typically worn by Mothers, Grandmothers, and other Special Women (readers, aunts...).
This could include flowers in your hair, a necklace, a ring, a shoulder piece. There are many fun avenues to explore here.
What can we do to make the ceremony space perfect? *
How can we make the reception space amazing? *
Some folks like to purchase vases from us so they can easily keep the arrangements or give them out to guests as gifts. Otherwise, you can rent the vases and we will pick them up after your event.
What amount are you looking to invest in your wedding floral? *
A typical budget for floral design is usually 10-12% of the overall wedding budget. Since The Poppy and The Peony specializes in lush bespoke florals, our couples often invest closer to 15-20% of their overall budget.
This is a great place to link any Pinterest boards or other ideas.